Nur Hotels by Makarem


- Brand Strategy
- Brand Naming
- Brand Identity design
- Brand Experience design
- Brand Architecture
- Sub-branding design
- Brand Guidelines


A New Concept for Spiritual Hospitality

Nur is a unique budget hotel concept for the two holy cities endorsed by Makarem Hotels chain. The concept was to provide small hotel owners in Makkah and Madina a brand experience they can adopt easily in their properties. This elevates the level of the service they provide and adds great value to their customers on multiple levels. The target audience was vast with a special focus on the young and modern muslim visitors from all over the the world.


The main Challenge was in translating this smart and unique concept into a well-designed and practical Identity experience while respecting the cultural and spiritual context. Keeping the solution simple & practical was essential for the success of the idea as the conversion process needs to be done in the shortest time possible with the least cost possible. The cultural and spiritual dimensions were also of great importance for this concept to work. It needed to find the right balance between spirituality and modernity and the use of technology to attract young muslim visitors from all over the world.


A unique and insightful brand strategy was developed to guide the design direction. This was translated into a modern, practical and culturally sensitive visual identity that was applied on multiple essential applications for the brand to be launched.

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