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Miros Story

The story begins in one of the ports on the Mediterranean sea. Where the blue waves crash against the old grey dock, and the seagulls sing the tales of the sea. Miros worked there as a porter for a daily wage. One day, while Miros was carrying goods on his back, he bumped into an old sailor, and they both fell to the floor. Miros helped the old sailor get back on his feet and offered to walk him back to his ship. On their way, the sailor started telling him stories of his adventures around the world in search of inspiring flavors.

Finally, as a farewell gift, the old sailor gave Miros a bag of special quality nuts that he collected from his travels. Later that day, Miros sat on the shore with that bag in his hand. The moment he tasted these nuts, a story of passion began, one that will last for life!

This flavor inspired him to start his own journey to find more and more of these unique flavors. So he went on buying nuts from ships coming from different places around the world, mixing them and sharing their great taste with everyone through the little shop he built near the port. As years went by, Miros was a name known for the great taste of nuts and their flavourful mix.

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