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The Most Surprising Destination in Riyadh

Granada Mall is a major property owned and operated by GOSI. They set out a plan to develop the whole area around it into a bigger and comprehensive destination that offers live-work-play experience. That destination contains the mall, the events square, the business park, Hilton hotel, Vivienda villa hotel and Sidra restaurants. In order to have that one umbrella for the different elements, the direction was to have a unified destination brand.



The main challenge was to create a destination brand that can overcome the famous and wildly loved Granada mall brand. And develop a visual language that can encompass the various components of the destination.


We came up with a new name and story for the destination; Granadia. It was inspired from various neighborhood naming cues found Spain and Riyadh. It was set on a very ambitious positioning; to be the most surprising destination and Riyadh. One that will keep amazing you with new offerings and surprise you every time you visit it.

That strategy was then matched with a fresh and cheerful visual language for the mother brand that is live and dynamic. One that will keep surprising the visitors every time they encounter it on the various touch points.

That gene descended into the three main components ( Granada Mall, Granada Square and Granada Business) while allowing it to shift and reshape. This created a unique and recognizable DNA for the whole family while maintaining the flexibility of the application on the sub-brand level. Expansive and comprehensive brand guidelines manuals were then created for each of the four brands to govern the design and communication on various types of brand applications.

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