Architecture and Design Commission



- Brand Strategy Alignment
- Brand DNA
- Brand Identity Design
- Brand Guidelines


The Architecture and Design Commission in Saudi Arabia recognized the need to promote and elevate products designed in Saudi Arabia to showcase the creativity and innovation of local designers. The "Designed in Saudi" initiative and seal was the answer. A brand strategy and identity were needed that would be recognizable, meaningful, and representative of the quality and excellence of Saudi design. Gene was tasked with the challenge of creating an extensive visual identity that would work across different mediums and appeal to a wide range of audiences, from consumers to businesses locally and globally.


To create a successful branding strategy for the "Designed in Saudi" seal, Gene conducted extensive research and developed a comprehensive approach that studied the work of local designers and analyzed the cultural and historical influences that distinguish Saudi design. This led to a unique yet simple design strategy and visual DNA. Using the insights gained from the research and strategy phases and the visual DNA, a visual identity was developed that would be recognizable and appealing to a wide audience. The color palette was composed to reflect an authentic yet contemporary look and feel. The typography is modern, bold, and legible, and the messaging highlights the unique qualities of Saudi design, such as creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. All of these elements were composed together using a sophisticated layout system that considers the proper proportions of these elements and also let the content be the hero.

The resulting brand and visual system is expected to inspire pride and confidence in Saudi design and encourage people to choose products that are "Designed in Saudi" over others.


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